In order to reduce the amount of waste that has been growing rapidly in recent years, one of the prevention measures is reuse.

Recycling and reuse

Many people still consider these two terms to be equal, but they are not. The easiest way to explain them is through the popular recycling symbols, which you can find on various products. This is the Mobius loop, which best explains the 3R principle:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

Waste reuse

The reuse process represents changes in the original purpose of the product waste. During minor physical changes, waste:

  • It does not change the chemical composition
  • Does not suffer major mechanical changes
  • It hardly changes the look

The easiest examples of this are:

  • Glass containers for the winter
  • Old newspapers as decoration
  • Storing children’s clothes for some newer generations

Material recycling

Recycling is a completely different thing than reuse, because it is waste processing. Unlike reuse where things do not change or undergo minimal changes, recycling involves a complete physical change of the material, and for some materials a chemical change.

Recycling and reuse of waste is one of the foundations for reducing pollution and efficient consumption of materials.

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