Since our inception in 2013, we have been striving to provide you with quality service and professionalism in recycling, dismantling and trade.


About Us

The Lucius Company, located in Vitez, was founded in 2013 by Bosnia and Herzegovina and Switzerland capital to provide recycling and dismantling services, with an emphasis on the disposal of electrical and electronic waste. In parallel with the development of the recycling industry, a commercial activity has developed, where by selling industrial equipment and machinery on the market of BiH and surrounding countries we have imposed ourselves as a serious factor, we have also placed our goods in far Iran.

We now have 4500 m2 of facility and an external warehouse of 10,000 m 2, on which we have purpose-built facilities adapted to our business so that we have facilities that house the administration, shop, dismantling and recycling warehouse, waste warehouse and storage for hazardous materials.

We are sure that we are one of the few companies that owns recycling machines and plants; motherboards, cables, recycling of electric motors and other industrial and home appliances according to European and world standards.

History and Recognitions

In our humble beginning, the company employed 5 workers, today there are 50 of us, with a constant tension of increase. In 2018, due to the increase in the volume of business, we moved to a new location, at the address Stjepana Radića bb, in the industrial complex of the former IMPREGNATION.

04/28/2019. At the suggestion of the local community of Dubravice, we received a plaque from the municipality of Vitez for their contribution to the development of internal and external trade, this award is especially important to us because the local community recognized our efforts and commitment.

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