Since our inception in 2013, we have been striving to provide you with quality service and professionalism in recycling, dismantling and trade.

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It represents the process of physically and chemically separating the material from the waste and reusing it for the same or similar purposes.

It represents the process of changing the original purpose of a product, ie waste. 

It represents the process of preventing the generation of waste, before a particular material, product or substance becomes waste.

Redemption and takeover of secondary raw materials

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About Us

The Lucius Company, located in Vitez, was founded in 2013 by Bosnia and Herzegovina and Switzerland capital to provide recycling and dismantling services, with an emphasis on the disposal of electrical and electronic waste. In parallel with the development of the recycling industry, a commercial activity has developed, where by selling industrial equipment and machinery on the market of BiH and surrounding countries we have imposed ourselves as a serious factor, we have also placed our goods in far Iran.


Asbestos remediation

Asbestos, the most dangerous natural mineral, was used in the 1990s to produce as many as 5,000 products…

Used equipment and machinery for sale

Since we receive recycled waste from recycling waste, we put it in the OLX classifieds.